FontAwesome is a popular icon webfont, currently owned by Fonticons, Inc. We have included the ability for the icons to be included in functions.php. While we have called it using FontAwesome’s CDN, you can save your own local copy if it works for you.

To enable FontAwesome, you will need to uncomment the line

// wp_enqueue_script('fontawesome-js', '', array(), '0.0.0');

To use FontAwesome in your theme from a remote CDN, you will need to have an account with FontAwesome. To register for FREE, visit and get your free FontAwesome kit. Once you have the right code, uncomment the wp_enqueue_script function, replace the script URL with your own, and save the file.

You should use only one copy of FontAwesome to avoid conflicts, so if you use a local copy, you will need to remove the request for the copy from your theme. If you are using a specific version of FontAwesome, it is recommended to change the 0.0.0 variable at the end of the function to your version number (eg. 5.10.1). This will make further development easier. Otherwise, you can delete the number altogether.