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Project Brief

Angela approached us to develop an online portal to sell homebaked goods.  She wanted to create a website with ordering or requesting facilities, and a showcase reel for past creations.  She also wanted a blogging facility to talk about her craft, and for the blog to be connected to her social media accounts.

About the company

Delicate Bakery was a home-based bakery, set up by Angela Chick. It started in 2015 as a hobby and a love of baking, and grew into an idea for a custom cake baking company. The company would offer custom designs for large and small cakes, bespoke to client requirements, rather than a generic cake design.

What I Did

Using WordPress as a basis, we created a content managed website for her to create a blogging-focussed website to share updates about her craft, new products, or recipes for people to bake at home.  We also created a custom format for photo galleries, and a showcase format to publish "case studies" and photos for specific bakes.

We also integrated a custom contact form to collect leads, with a view to integrating it into a Customer Relationship Management database.  However, the project came to an end as Ms Chick entered into full-time employment and the plans were suspended indefinitely.  Despite this, Ms Chick is looking at the prospect of re-entering self-employment and may look to reopen her commission in the future.

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