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On Hold

Project Brief

In January 2017, Lisa approached us to work on another project, which eventually became decommissioned.  In December 2017, Lisa asked for us to work on the website for Healey Dell Heritage Centre, a business she had purchased and now owned.  Her requirements for the website were similar to Green Lily Vegetarian Cuisine, and there was no rebranding planned. The original website was built in flat HTML, and installing a content management system was paramount.

About the company

The Healey Dell Heritage Centre & Tearoom is set within the Healey Dell Nature Reserve. The Centre occupies what used to be a Rangers' Office and is a short distance from the Nature Trail (which was a railway line in the late 1800s) with its magnificent views from the 100-foot high viaduct. Opened on Good Friday 2013, the Heritage Centre offers quality cooked food to passing patrons and captures the beauty in the surrounding area. It also hosts the Heritage Exhibition - a year-round insight into the fascinating history and industrial heritage of the nature reserve.

What I Did

Given the work that had been done already for Green Lily, it was agreed that Healey Dell would absorb the work and be remodelled for the new venture.  The same WordPress Core was used, with the theme moved over to the new Xtended release system.  It was only the second website to be placed on the release system, after Parasol Project.

This new release system meant that changes were made to the structuring of post types, and also brought in the use of an events post type.  Online booking and reviews from third parties were brought in, and connections for Twitter and Instagram were built natively into the theme with access to their respective APIs.

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